Why VAI For Food?

Flexible Software Options That Supports Cloud & On-Premise

Modern ERP solutions require sophisticated infrastructure, and smart companies today are reviewing their options and weighing the best deployment methods for their businesses. VAI solutions are built on multi-tiered standards-based technologies such as HTML5 and Java Script and can accessed pretty much on any platform with a modern web-browser. 

Utilizing VAI Cloud for your business takes the complexity of running the infrastructure out of your hands, and gives you the benefit of High Availability (HA) and full redundancy. VAI takes care of all of the maintenance, management, and upgrades of this infrastructure, allowing you to concentrate on running your core business. 

Integrated Applications on a Single Database

VAI offers integrated applications on a single database, which maintains the data integrity and controls all of the data security from one location. This eliminates complexity and integration costs, and provides users with effective practical applications that deliver bottom-line results. 

Discover the power of a single database solution with VAI’s integrated applications, and see how you can regain control of your data, your people, and your business. 

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with Numerous Licensing Options

In today’s world, businesses are paying more attention than ever to cost-cutting measures by controlling the cost of their assets which includes maintaining systems that have enhanced reliability, faster deployment time, and lower cost of ownership. VAI is well known for offering tremendous value in our technology suite, but a critically overlooked TCO factor, particularly for enterprises operating in high-growth fields or in acquisition mode, is the cost of scalability. 

With VAI’s S2K ERP Solution, companies can save significantly with our Unlimited User License option. This allows organizations to expand locations, add users, deploy multiple browser instances, and add RF or Mobile users, often without paying additional software licensing. 

Domestic Industry Experts

Because the focus is always on your success, we work in concert with you and your team to design the right technology solution to meet your long-term goals, using innovative solutions that solve complex business problems. When implementing and maintaining your enterprise system, consistent ongoing support is critical. 

Your organization will be assigned an experienced, high-level support team that includes a project director, accountant, multiple programmers, trainers, and system engineers. Your team will be available to you throughout the implementation and beyond. 

The Growth Advantage

VAI can help your business exceed your growth expectations and surpass your competitors, or enable you to compete with the largest enterprises, by harnessing the user friendly, feature-rich applications of the S2K software suite, and scale with you as your company achieves its objectives. Together we’ll plan a roadmap that makes sense for your business, fits your industry, and allows you to focus on running your company with the security, stability, and scalability that you require from your ERP solution. 

Advanced Analytics for Your Business

You need access to the most accurate information available in order to make smart decisions for your business. S2K Analytics will help you do that and more, with business intelligence, dynamic dashboards, “Health Check” analysis tools to provide you with both high-level monitoring that focuses on the overall performance of the enterprise, and low-level monitoring that focuses on departmental metrics, plus the resources to make it all come together.

With IBM Watson Analytics – a smart data analysis and visualization tool used to quickly discover patterns and meaning in your data utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI), you’ll have the capability to give everyone in your value chain the answers they need to thrive in a competitive market. 

The Growth Advantage

VAI’s mobile suite of applications provide direct access or file synchronization with S2K Enterprise, and give users offline access to content when a network/ wireless connection is unavailable. Each application is designed to help your team maximize efficiencies, from Order Processing which gives your sales team immediate access to account and product information, to Mobile Warehouse Management, which can enhance your current warehouse processes. With VAI’s S2K Mobile applications, you have the capability to increase sales and improve customer service like never before, and directly impact your bottom-line.