Why VAI For Distribution?


Cloud computing is now evolving like never before, with companies of all shapes and sizes adapting to this new technology. VAI solutions are built on standards-based technologies such as HTML5 and AJAX and can run on pretty much any platform with a modern web-browser. Modern ERP solutions require sophisticated infrastructure. Utilizing VAI’s cloud takes the complexity of running this infrastructure out of your hands, and also gives you the benefit of a fully redundant data center. This also includes all of the maintenance, management and upgrades of this infrastructure, allowing you to concentrate on running your core business. As more consumers and businesses adopt tools such as smart phones and tablets, the ability to host applications in the cloud and access it from just about anywhere on the planet is quickly becoming vital.

Single Database

As companies grow, many organizations find themselves with disconnected databases and external spreadsheets to support their requirements. This type of environment involves redundant data entry, a lack of data consistency, and significant manual intervention to create meaningful reports. VAI offers a completely integrated ERP solution utilizing one central database. With our ERP solutions, you can update records one time- no more duplicate entries, copying files or dealing with integration issues. Discover the power of a single database solution with VAI solutions and see how you can regain control of your data, your people, and your business!

Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO)

In today’s world, businesses are paying more attention than ever to cost-cutting measures by controlling the cost of their assets. They must therefore strive to obtain systems that have enhanced reliability, faster deployment time, and lower cost of ownership. VAI is well known for offering tremendous value in our technology suite, but a critically overlooked TCO factor, particularly for enterprises operating in high-growth fields or in acquisition mode, is the cost of scalability. With VAI, companies can save hundreds of thousands of dollars with our Unlimited User License option. This allows organizations to expand locations, add users, deploy multiple sessions, and add RF or Mobile users, without paying additional software licensing and related maintenance fees.

Integrated Applications Optimized for the Supply Chain

The debate between buying ‘best of breed’ software products versus fully integrated systems has raged on for years. Each approach certainly has its pros and cons. If your systems are ‘best of breed’, you have the best possible functionality. Your issues, however, lie in the areas of standardization, data integration, data flow, process flow, vendor management, coordinated software upgrades, and non-transferable skill sets. When you add cloud-based software into the mix, the issues magnify. In many cases, paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to integrate a ‘best of breed’ application with just slightly better functionality and a nicer user interface is hard to justify. At VAI, our approach is to offer Integrated Applications optimized for the Supply Chain within our ERP solution that eliminate complexity and integration costs, and provide users with effective practical applications that deliver bottom-line results.


At VAI, our focus is on your success. To that end, we work in concert with you and your team to design the right technology solution to meet your longterm goals. We take pride in our ability to develop innovative solutions that solve complex business problems. When implementing and maintaining your enterprise system, consistent ongoing support is critical. With VAI, your organization will be assigned an experienced high level support team that includes a project director, accountant, multiple programmers, trainers, and system engineers. Your team will be available to you throughout the implementation and beyond. During the implementation, we take the time to learn about your specific business environment. And while we encourage best practice concepts, our ultimate goal is to deliver a solution that best meets your company’s objectives and unique requirements.