Accounts Receivable

Effective management of invoicing, credit terms, cash receipts and other accounts receivable tasks accelerates your cash flow and keeps your company financially strong. S2K’s Accounts Receivable software automates invoicing and collections processes to give you fast, efficient accounts receivable management. This automation can accelerate the cash cycle improve your business performance and customer satisfaction. Staying in constant contact with your customers allows you to better manage your accounts receivables, control credit and detect any potential issues.

Accounts Payable

S2K’s Accounts Payable software allows you to maintain and control every aspect of the management of your expenditures. It turns the tedious and time-consuming accounts payable management expenditure process into an easily, manageable piece of your corporate puzzle. From one comprehensive screen users can review an aging of your account balances, view detailed invoice, payment, and purchase order information, view open accrued payables awaiting invoice matching, and invoice discrepancies waiting for review.


General Ledger

The general ledger is an important tool for keeping your accounts organized and providing proof of your expenditures. It can be used to correct errors in accounts, observe company activity, and can help you make wise financial decisions to better guarantee your company’s future. S2K’s General Ledger accounting software is the center of our accounting system software. It provides powerful divisional and departmental accounting functions, maintains your journal, logs recurring entries, generates audit trails, and allows you to create custom financial statements.

Fixed Assets

S2K’s Fixed Assets software enables accounting professionals to gain a solid foundation for all fixed assets and depreciation management. Processes are automated, management is streamlined, and reporting delivers the insight you need to make informed management decisions. With comprehensive depreciation calculations for financial reporting, companies can effectively manage every step of the fixed asset life cycle, from acquisition to disposal.

Rebates Allowances & Billbacks

The S2K Rebates / Promotions / Billbacks tracking application maintains a real-time database to ensure the timely tracking of both customer and vendor rebates and allowances based upon sales, purchase history, or growth programs.

Product Overview:

  • General Ledger entries for accrued customer and vendor rebates
  • Establish a single rebate program that covers multiple customers
  • Entry programs to claim customer rebates, reducing the current accrual and creating an accounts receivable credit memo
  • Entry programs to claim vendor rebates, reducing the current accrual and creating a credit memo to Accounts Payable or an invoice to open Accounts Receivable (billback)
  • Supports “Off-Invoice” allowances by dollar amount or percentages that do not accrue and come directly off the customer or vendor invoice

Candy, Cigarette, Tobacco, And Alcohol

Candy, cigarette, tobacco, and alcohol distribution has unique software needs. Both the federal and state governments levy excise taxes on goods such as alcohol and tobacco products. Even though federal excise taxes are geographically uniform, state excise taxes vary considerably. S2K Enterprise for Food provides tracking by carton, pack, and stick; tax payment and reporting to multiple state, county, and city tax jurisdictions; tax stamp tracking; off-invoice carton discounts; and broken carton and pack returns. These advanced features take the complexity and expense out of controlled substance and sales reporting.