Warehouse Automation

The “Domino Effect” of Business Disruptions Companies Face

Published in Institute of Management Accountants, September 2005 | Printable (PDF) View

Many companies who are reluctant to replace their old computer software say: “if it ain’t broke, why fix it” What they are not aware of is that this kind of thinking can result in the following “Domino Effect” of business disruption…

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Avoiding Excess Inventory and Excess Costs in Your Warehouse – How to Buy Smarter to Save

Published in Manhattan Chamber of Commerce – Spring 2005

Excess inventory leads to increased expenses and lost profit. One company told us that by reducing inventory by 10%, they would save $1 million. How much can your company save with a mere 10% reduction in inventory? By buying smarter, you can purchase the inventory you’ll need with 99% accuracy.

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Warehouse Automation & Inventory Challenges

Challenges Businesses Face in Today’s Competitive Market: Learn about the inventory and warehouse automation challenges that businesses face and how smart companies are staying on top in today’s competitive business environment.

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Inventory Control Challenges (“The Cost of Doing Business”)

Not having accurate inventory control will result in an excess or shortage of inventory.

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Inventory Control Solutions with an Automated Warehouse

Find solutions to Inventory Challenges based on misplaced inventory, incorrect shipments, and buying based on “guesswork.”

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