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Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution is “Best of Breed” Software

We’ve built the VAI Advantage from the ground up, and for over 40 years, we have stood by the belief that our solution can be the best enterprise resource planning solution for your business, and that VAI is the right partner for you. While the advantages of utilizing VAI are numerous, here’s a list of our top “Why VAI” reasons for making us your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and technology vendor of choice. 


One of the biggest reasons why companies are moving to VAI’s ERP solutions is cost. As a business grows, so does the need for a more robust enterprise backbone. By comparing your current IT infrastructure costs, along with your licensing and support costs, you may find that moving your ERP to the cloud can save costs in the long run. But not all cloud solutions are the same, in addition to our Software as a Service (SaaS) pricing, VAI also offers Platform as a Service (PaaS) that can offer you a tremendous costs savings over an ongoing never ending SaaS price model. In addition, if you are experiencing rapid growth or are in acquisition mode, VAI’s unlimited user license option can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. This option allows organizations to expand locations, add users, deploy multiple sessions, and add RF or Mobile users, without paying additional software licensing and related maintenance fees. 


If your business has some unique business processes users may be relying on workarounds to perform their daily functions. Workarounds are exactly what their name implies – extra steps performed in a system to work around missing functionality required to complete a task. Workarounds cause inefficiencies, and in turn, can increase costs and create unhappy employees and customers. VAI’s enterprise resource planning solution can easily be customized to support your unique business processes and requirements as part of a single integrated solution. 


In today’s “immediate” world, your customers are looking for convenience. When a customer transacts with your organization, he or she wants a simple and efficient experience. Simple things like integrated email and faxing, and mobile apps and customer portals that provide customer self-service options are not a “nice to have”, they are an expectation. Worst yet, if your legacy system is providing inaccurate data to users due to poor integration this can make a poor customer experience even worse. VAI’s ERP provides all the world class customer convenience tools you need to build customer loyalty and delight your customers, all in a single integrated solution.


With VAI, your organization will be assigned an experienced, high level support team that includes a project director, accountant, multiple programmers, trainers, and system engineers. You will get direct support from the author and your team will all be VAI employees (not a reseller) who are based in the United States. This team will be available to you throughout the implementation and beyond. Unlike many “call center implementations” where you are left to do all the work, at VAI we take the time to learn about your specific business environment and our team will work closely with your staff, on-site at your location when necessary, to ensure that you are getting the most out of your technology investment.


VAI’s enterprise resource planning solution runs on IBM Power Systems™, and the IBM Power Systems platform is the backbone of our world class data center. IBM Power Systems ranks #1 in every major reliability category by ITIC and is an industry leader for enterprise servers. In addition, IBM Power Systems has security built in at all layers, from processor to the OS, to deliver end-to-end security that is unmatched in the industry. Lastly, The IBM POWER9™ processor drives the world’s fastest supercomputers and is ready to accelerate your enterprise with incredible cloud performance for even the most demanding environments. 


The debate between buying “best of breed” software products versus fully integrated systems has raged on for years. Each approach certainly has its pros and cons. While VAI supports some of the industry leading applications, our approach is to offer Integrated Applications optimized for the Supply Chain within our ERP solution that eliminate complexity and integration costs and provide users with effective practical applications that deliver bottom-line results.

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As companies grow, many organizations find themselves with disconnected databases and external spreadsheets to support their requirements. This type of environment involves redundant data entry, a lack of data consistency, and significant manual intervention to create meaningful reports. VAI offers a completely integrated enterprise resource planning solution utilizing one central database. With our ERP solutions, you can update records one time- no more duplicate entries, copying files or dealing with integration issues. Discover the power of a single database solution with VAI solutions and see how you can regain control of your data, your people, and your business!