The Future of Supply Chain

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VAI S2K Integrated Supply Chain Software

  • 90 % of VAI new cleints  use Cloud Branding which can run on any type of computer, laptop, phone etc.
  • Clients range from 20 million to 13 billion but “sweet spot” for VAI is 50-500 million with 70% of sales within this range.
  • Main industries are Distribution  approx. 60% of sales and Manufacturing approx. 40% of sales.


  • e-Business WebSphere.
  • Multiple B2B order processing.
  • Sales rep can use mobile app. on phone for orders and driver can take picture of rejected merchandise and email to the host server.
  • All modules are fully integrated and customer can choose the modules they wants.


  • VAI offers the source code free to companies with 100 or more concurrent users.
  • Unlimited use of source code with no additional license fee if company conducts mergers and acquisitions.
  • Only expense might entail maintenance with unlimited users, but no additional license fee.