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Just a few real life VAI’s S2K Success Stories

Sid Harvey HVAC Company has 100 stores running very successfully on VAI Software. Having the e-Commerce strategy allows Sid Harvey to show the product catalog, track buying trends, and update the headquarters’ computer with the new e-Commerce orders in Real Time mode. Starting a new nightshift enables Sid Harvey’s clients, many of whom were contractors, the ability to stop at the branch early in the morning on the way to the jobsite, pick up their e-Commerce orders from the night before, while their car engines were running, and drive away within minutes.

By using smart phones Ethical Products lowers the training cycle in the warehouse when new people are hired and eliminated the need to use expensive RF devices. The warehouse S2K Mobile application enables Ethical Pet to turn orders within 24 hrs. or same day, at a 99.6% fill rate.

“The food distribution market in the New York region is incredibly challenging.  We’ve been able to stay ahead of the competition for more than 20 years by ensuring our customers have a personalized, top-notch experience. The customized software package we were originally using wasn’t sufficiently meeting our needs for visibility and access to data. VAI’s S2K for Food Software offering gave us the ability to accurately track and manage inventory in real-time at all points along the distribution chain, thereby significantly reducing errors as a result of manual inputs. In addition, we can always count on VAI to respond quickly to any service questions we might have. I can appreciate that level of customer service, as Montebello Foods subscribes to a similar mantra, so we are very pleased to count VAI as one of our valued partners.”

Sam Mangano, president of Montebello Foods

VAI’s S2K software allowed us to reach phenomenal efficiencies across the organization. The S2K installation dramatically improved nearly every part of our business – from accounting and logistics to inventory and warehouse management. By automating many of these key functions, our team can focus on critical aspects of our business such as sales and customer service. And we feel confident that we can continue our impressive growth trajectory knowing that our business is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.”

Sal Battaglia, Director of Operations, Seacore Seafood

“With the VAI’s S2K system pricing errors have dropped by 80%. At the same time, product scanning in shipping at the packing station has enabled us to increase shipping throughput by 60% and reduce errors for an accuracy of 99.95% on order lines shipped.”

President, ADC

“With VAI’s S2K, we’ve done more than reduce costs. We’ve improved customer service and effi ciencies throughout the enterprise. VAI’s S2K has given us the tools we need to successfully compete in an extremely dynamic and highly competitive marketplace.”

Director of Information Technology, Turtle Wax

“VAI worked to fully customize S2K to meet our needs and interface with our existing modules. The solution has helped improve the company’s efficiency in warehousing and distribution operations, thus allowing us to open a third location, one of our primary goals.”

Isaac Rogers, Vice President of Operations

“Prior to working with VAI, Sheralven’s internal processes lacked the efficiency needed to manage its growing business. In implementing S2K for Distribution, VAI dedicated countless hours to testing the system and making sure it was the perfect fit for us—and all without a moment of down-time. S2K for Distribution has already proven to be a great asset to our business and our customers.”

Sandra Parmentier, Controller

“Manufacturing work orders are completely flexible, allowing staff to close out when part of an order has been made – whether for 1,000 or 50,000 items – and come back to it later. Finding out standard costs is quick and painless, and old invoices or other documents can be easily retrieved at the drop of a hat. In time savings alone, I estimate the new system will save the company $100,000 a year, and it will boost productivity and reliability.”

Bruce Bove,
Information Systems Manager, Autum Harp