Product Quality

S2K Product Quality application is completely integrated with S2K Inventory, Purchasing and other manufacturing applications. The product quality application allows you to establish and track an unlimited number of user defined tests and group tests for specific industry requirements. Users can assign tests or groups to specific items and track the results, and the disposition of both received goods and finished goods throughout the manufacturing process. Results can be pass/fail, table values, or a range of data.

Upon receipt of a quality controlled item, the lot will be placed on quality hold pending testing. Until all tests have been passed, the product can neither be consumed in manufacturing nor sold. Quality failures can automatically trigger a purchase order return to vendor. Within manufacturing, quality tests can be performed during any stage of production. Quality failures can automatically re-route production to a previous operation or flag the item as scrap.

In addition to the historical storage of this data, the product quality application can produce a Product Quality Certificate (C of A) indicating all tests performed as well as their individual results. With S2K Product Quality you’ll gain valuable data you can use to track and improve quality control at all points of the manufacturing process.