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Capacity Requirement Planning

S2K Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP) application helps to determine your company’s ability to meet manufacturing demand. Powerful inquiries allow users to view soft, firm, and planned demand, allowing a detailed analysis of both actual and projected capacity requirements. Changes can be made which immediately affect the production schedule. Due to its flexible design and tight integration with the rest of S2K Enterprise, the CRP module can be used as a long range planning tool as well as a short-term production scheduling aid.

S2K CRP provides the summary information you need to spot situations where capacity is short or long, enabling you to shift production and manage resources efficiently. Multiple views allow you to analyze machine, work center, and department capacities. Extensive capabilities exist to drill down into detailed scheduling data including orders making up the demand, as well as analysis of bottlenecks. Alternate routings allow automatic calculation of ‘available to promise’ (ATP) dates for easy bottleneck resolution.

S2K CRP is an indispensable manufacturing software tool that can help you identify and eliminate production problems before they start.