Gaining a Competitive Edge

What Makes You Different From Your Competition?

When speaking with prospects, many sales people try to convey the message that their offerings are better than those of the competition but do not listen to what the prospect needs. Trying to be the “super sales person” or disparaging the competition often creates a negative affect on the prospect resulting in the sales reps losing their credibility. The key to becoming the Trusted Advisor is listening carefully to what the prospect needs and responding to them on a timely basis.

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Becoming the Trusted Advisor to Your Prospect

Becoming the Trusted Advisor to the prospect is an essential factor in building the relationship. Most people buy based on trust and the comfort level with the individual with whom they are dealing. When it comes to buying software and services, very few people buy based on the lowest offering they find. The decision about whom to buy from is often made based on trust at a gut level.