Finite Scheduling

S2K Finite Scheduling application creates a finite capacity schedule based on the planned capacity reflected in the shop calendar for each department/work center/machine. By establishing rules for each production facility, the finite scheduler will generate a schedule of orders in the desired sequence using a finite forward method. The rules may include virtually any field in the system (due date, priority, user defined fields, etc.), and may be sequenced by the user. The goal of finite capacity scheduling is to ensure that work proceeds at an even and efficient pace throughout the plant.

Typically, the manufacturing orders are sequenced first by line item due date. Manufacturing orders are sorted by the finite scheduler beginning with the earliest work order line item due date. Thereafter, the additional rules are applied, and when the process is complete, a schedule is presented. The user maintains the ability to override any of the scheduled entries. An electronic scheduling board provides a graphical view of all jobs currently in production.