erp for manufacturing

ERP For Manufacturing

By automating production, planning and quality control, S2K Enterprise Software can lower costs and increase profits.
Increasing savings while enhancing performance has never been easier with VAI’s Manufacturing Software. Either on-premise or cloud based, this robust manufacturing business management system spans a broad spectrum of industries to ensure your business will always have the VAI advantage. Through our in-demand software suites, we deliver enduring savings to companies interested in streamlining operations without sacrificing quality. Effective innovation is now within reach with our ERP for Manufacturing. Effective manufacturing management software is the bedrock for success and now your company can reap the benefits of minimized costs and expanding market share through VAI technology.

Product Overview

S2K Manufacturing Enterprise Software offers streamlined solutions that will address your company’s most pressing challenges. From managing daily operations to augmenting productivity over time, VAI’s manufacturing solution ensures your business will stay at the forefront of innovation. When superior performance and cost savings are top priorities, VAI’s S2K Enterprise Software promises effective results for the future of your business.

S2K ERP for Manufacturing Software Modules

  • Capacity Requirement Planning Allow users to view soft, firm and planned demand, allowing a detailed analysis of both actual and projected capacity requirements.
  • Manufacturing Work Orders Create fixed or configurable bill-of materials, generate make to stock or make to order transactions, and track actual and standard cost for production.
  • Material Requirement Planning Helps purchasing and production managers analyze current and future material and distribution requirements and enables more effective planning.
  • Finite Scheduling Creates a finite capacity schedule based on the planned capacity reflected in the shop calendar for each department/work center/machine.
  • Product Quality Track user defined tests, results, and the disposition of received goods or manufactured finished good.
  • Shop Floor Control Leverage data collection devices including hand held scanners and RF devices to track component usage and labor production time as it happens on your shop floor.

S2K Enterprise Applications