ERP for Food Manufacturing

The Future of ERP for Food Manufacturing

The food industry unique in many ways, inventory management and tracking is critical to comply with safety regulations, and all business processes must be performed under tight time constraints. Lot and Date Tracking, Broken Case Unit Conversions, Catch Weight Pricing, Truck Routing, Flexible Contract Pricing, and Rebates /Promotions / Billbacks, are just some of the requirements that make this industry unique. S2K Enterprise for Food was specifically designed to meet the requirement of the food industry and to help businesses in this fast-paced environment compete by automating and integrating business processes across the entire organization. From Manufacturing to Distribution, to Retail point-of-sale, this powerful ERP for food manufacturing solution will help companies comply with food safety regulations and manage enterprise resources more efficiently and effectively.


  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • General Ledger
  • Rebates / Allowances


  • Customer Orders
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Purchasing
  • Sales Analysis / Forecasting
  • Customer Relationship Management


  • Manufacturing Work Orders
  • Material Requirements Planning
  • Capacity Requirements Planning
  • Shop Floor Control
  • Product Quality
  • Finite Scheduling


  • Retail POS