Two People That Have Influenced My Life in the Past

Two People That Have Influenced My Life

First person that influence my life: 

Mr. Abe Kahn, Crocill Curtains’ president in the 70th paid my college tuition in full telling me, “Dani I don’t care what you will study. Just get good grades.” After working for Crocill Curtains’ 10 years I was forced to leave because the computer manager refused to adopt to the new technology.

  • Dr. Flynn, who taught at the Brooklyn Polytechnic awarded me 50 credits from for my self-study computer knowledge, and told me, your computer manager is holding you back. You better leave your job, or you will miss the last technology train.”

 When I told Mr Kahn the reason why I had to leave his response, “I understand. you will always have a home here. If you chose to come back just call me.” the week after I left, I received a letter from Mr Kahn with $1000 check thanking me for doing a great job for 10 years.

For the next three years I worked 80 hours per week trying to catch up with the industry and ten times a day I was going to call Mr Kahn telling him that I would like to come back but didn’t. It finally paid off. 

  • In 1985, IBM invited me to attend a round table in Atlanta, meeting with their executives. The purpose of the meeting was to enhance their IBM DMAS distribution software and in 
  • 1992, “3X/400 Information Management Magazine” published how we helped our client SFI printer and paper distributor grow their business from a $ 6 Million to $ 35 million Dollars within 7 years.  

Second person that influence my life: 

Harry Eckstein was my mentor, friend and client Before I wrote the story I asked Martine his daughter permission to write it. She told me that Harry loved me and always spoke about me. 

It was the height of the COVID-19 and Martin who lived in Minnesota could not find a masks for herself, husband, and our daughters. I was able to buy it at Tal Bagel where we live and overnight her with FedEx four masks. Matin said I could mail it but chose to overnight FedEx it. Harry was a friend who was kinder to me than my family and I will always miss him.  

This is the reason why help people whom I don’t know find a job by sending their resume to my extensive data base by saying, “as a self-made person I don’t forget where I came from.” So far 10 people found jobs resulting from my email. 

Dani Kaplan

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