The Advantage of Integrated Business Process with ERP System

The Advantage Of Integrated Business Process With ERP System

Order Processing

  • Inventory control solution users have real-time accurate inventory status information in the warehouse, what sold items were committed, what new inventory is in transit and when it will arrive in the warehouse.
  • When new inventory arrives at the warehouse dock, the open orders are shipped and the remaining inventory is placed on the warehouse shelves guided by the RF guns.
  • If the inventory is not available when the customer calls to place orders, the end user can view when new inventory will arrive in the warehouse and notify the customer.
  • When new orders are placed, the enterprise resource planning solution checks the customer’s payment history. New orders are placed on hold and if overdue payment is found, needs to be reviewed and released by the credit department.
  • Account receivable people who view the customer’s payment status can fax or email the overdue invoice and make comments against the invoice that will be available for future review.


  • The E-Commerce module enables the customer and company sales reps to view the inventory status and past buying trends.
  • Orders placed on the website eliminate phone calls and faxes that are time consuming, enabling company personnel to address customer issues.
  • Orders can be placed any time during the day or night and update the host server in real-time mode.

Purchasing Department

  • The purchasing department has accurate real-time information of orders received and not committed to the inventory on hand, can evaluate what new inventory should be ordered and what is the vendor delivery timetable.
  • The forecasting software analyzes the previous year’s sales determining the product maturity.
  • One-time big orders gets disregarded and are not considered for new purchasing.
  • The analytic software reflects what items are seasonal, customer buying trends, products movement, and sales activity.
  • The computer suggests what products should be purchased based on their maturity, inventory level in the warehouse, number of open orders and purchase orders issued to the vendor.
  • Knowing vendor delivery timetable will help “Just in time” purchasing. A vendor who has the lowest price might have late deliveries resulting in inventory shortage and customers cancelling their orders.

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