Overcoming the Fear and Becoming Successful

A few years ago I went to the funeral of a man I had once worked for and been fond of. His grieving daughter and wife hugged me and said, “He never stopped talking about you. A week before he died he said, `I made a big mistake letting Dani go and not firing his manager.’…

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Making the Change Before its Too Late

Today’s new business reality of “down sizing” by major corporations has resulted in a “wakeup call” for many people, giving them the motivation to consider a career change fearing they will be “laid off.” Working at the same company since graduating from school and expecting to continue to work…

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Making Business Decisions Based on Emotions

While attending a “family counseling” seminar 10 years ago, I heard Jim Walsh, IBM Psychologist, describing various personalities, and how guilt feelings can affect their business decisions. In his lecture Jim described the amiable personality who can’t lay off employees…

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Making the “Major Decisions” in Spite of the Fear

Many people are afraid to face reality and make the “major decision” they should. Not being able to face reality often results in keeping the “old” business model or staying in a career they are unhappy with. “The fear of change” is a factor we have learned to live with…

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Facing the New Business Reality

Working for a corporation for many years, creates a “false sense of security” in many people’s minds. After working for the same corporation for many years, people often became complacent, lack motivation and don’t face reality, assuming they will be able to retire from their jobs…

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Saying Goodbye to a Beloved Pet

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is never easy and results in upheavals in our lives. When the pet lived with us for many years, we got some consolation from the fact that they had had a good life and brought us happiness for many years. But when the pet dies…

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Fear of Change

Published in Progressive Distributor Magazine ( “Fear of Change” affects business on a daily basis and dominates the way companies face reality. Many business owners don’t want to face the issues resulting from their outdated computer systems. Some owners rationalize not upgrading their computer system by saying…

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Dani Kaplan

As the founder and driving force behind SMC Data Systems, I bring over 40 years of dedicated experience in empowering mid-market companies through transformative ERP solutions. My journey began in 1980 when I established SMC with a vision to revolutionize how businesses handle their operations through advanced technology. Today, as a trusted advisor in ERP software, supply chain management, and warehouse automation, I am passionate about helping companies achieve operational excellence and substantial ROI. SMC Data Systems, under my leadership, has been a proud representative of VAI’s integrated ERP software, leveraging IBM Cognos Analytics to deliver real-time insights that drive efficiency and growth. Please connect with me on LinkedIn at Dani Kaplan