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EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Companies need data integration in order to drive their business. But keeping up with the constant growing number of data formats required to support the business has become a monumental task. When IT cannot support a data format, it risks becoming a roadblock to taking on new business. VAI provides direct integration with powerful EDI and data transformation solutions that can support any data format, without custom-coding each one, and allow companies to immediately share data and start doing business.

Payment Processing

S2K provides a standard interface to a leading payment gateway, which allows companies to consolidate all types of payment processing for wholesale, retail, and e-commerce in one payment solution. By leveraging the payment gateway cardholder data is never stored on your systems, and you reduce your PCI compliance scope. When a customer pays using an EMV-enabled device, the device is instantly identified as an authentic, approved payment instrument through a process called dynamic authentication. When used with a PIN, the chip proves that the customer is paying with his or her own card.

Sales Tax Automation

Integration with leading tax solution providers can help your company manage tax processes related to sales and purchases more quickly, give your tax department more control, and enhance regulatory compliance. VAI partners with leading tax solution providers to provide automated transactional tax calculation, tax reporting, and returns processing – including returns preparation, filing and payments. Our partners calculation and reporting systems are built upon industry leading tax research and proven technology.

Document Management / Workflow

Document Imaging solutions convert paper documents to digital images and enable you to store, access and manage them electronically. These products can be used to manage electronic document process automate Accounts Payable workflows; support document sharing, viewing and annotation; and handle automated document retirement. Document Imaging products can manage the full lifecycle of electronic documents for improved productivity, more responsive customer service, easier adherence to regulations and reduced storage costs.

Voice Picking

S2K Warehouse application provides seamless integration with voice directed warehouse applications. Voice picking systems create a hands-free, heads-up user workflow. Rather than stopping to read, scan, write or punch keys, users listen and speak in a fluid, efficient workflow. Voice can be used to capture and confirm additional product?information, both to support product traceability and ensure picking accuracy. Beyond the hands-on advantages of voice, today?s advanced warehouse voice systems add sophisticated reporting and management tools that complement and extend S2K?s Warehouse management system.

Transportation Management

VAI partners with strategic territory and route optimization solutions that allow you to balance overall workload while decreasing costs and adhering to business constraints. Create the optimal sales and delivery territories using our route planning software’s powerful algorithms that encompass customer needs and available resources while considering geographic areas, capacity, and more. In addition, advanced GPS solutions will take your fleet to the next level by gathering all vehicle and driver activity, and presenting it to you in a beautiful, easy-to-use interface.

Freight Shipping Solutions

VAI partners with the leading providers of multi-carrier parcel and freight shipping solutions that enable companies to efficiently automate multi-modal transport carrier selection, rate shopping, collaboration, and auditing. To minimize carrier penalties and potential returns, the shipping software automatically validates addresses and provides residential indicators for the shipment. The shipping software automatically generates tracking numbers and Pro numbers, and prints labels and bills of lading along with any additional documentation that may be required for shipment.

Payroll / Human Resources / Time And Attendance

For advanced production scheduling requirements, VAI interfaces to an industry leading production planning and scheduling product that uses advanced math to analyze and calculate achievable production schedules. This advanced tool takes into account a range of constraints and your specific business rules, allowing the planner to generate and evaluate multiple possible scenarios. Advanced Scheduling is an essential planning tool for companies who want to enhance competitiveness, increase profits and improve customer service.