About SMC

Your Trusted Advisor for Supply Chain Software & Warehouse Automation Solutions

SMC Data Systems was established in 1980. Since then we have been the trusted advisor helping our clients improve their business process and manage their inventory.

In 1985, IBM invited Dani Kaplan to attend a round table in Atlanta, meeting with their executives. The main purpose of the meeting was to enhance their IBM DMAS distribution software.

In 1992, “3X/400 Information Management Magazine” published how we helped our client SFI printer and paper distributor grow their business from a $ 6 Million to $ 35 million Dollars within 7 years, or about a 100% increase per year.  Read more…

In April 1994 we were written up in the Crain Magazine describing our client controller testimonial about how the computerized inventory management system that we implemented helped to pay for itself in 36 months. Read more…

Prior to establishing SMC Data Systems, Dani Kaplan worked for a Consulting Firm, from 1977 to 1980, modifying IBM MAPICS Manufacturing software.

From 1967 to 1977, Dani Kaplan worked at Crocill Curtains as a programmer. Dani learned Cobol programming with the aid of an English-Hebrew Dictionary, providing programming requirements to Crocill Curtains’ management team, first on the NCR 315 mainframe computer and then on the IBM System/34. As a “thank you” from Crocill Curtains’ president, the company paid his college tuition in full.

In 1978, Dani Kaplan graduated from SUNY, Empire College, with a B.S. in Computer Science after being awarded 50 credits from Brooklyn Polytechnic for his computer knowledge, and 40 credits from Jewish Theological Seminary for his life experience reading encyclopedias and graduated  with 156 credits.

Dani Kaplan is known for his creative passion in writing and photography.